Ikrom Zain

First Book (2014)
Second Book (2015)
Third Book (2017)

Ikrom Zain (26) is a former primary school teacher. Now, he is setting up his own tutoring agency buisness. Writing is his passion. In 2009, he started to develop his own blog on Multiply. But on 2013, after this platform had fallen, he begin to join on a blogging platform, Kompasiana. Some of his articles was choosen by administrator became a Headline. In this platform, on 2014, he had published his antology first book "Presiden Jokowi: Harapan Baru Indonesia by Elex Media Komputindo. In 2015, he had released his own book on self-publishing, "Loving Chemistry With Simple Learning". Two years after that, together with his classmates on high school, he published his second antology, "Menapak Bumi Menggapai Langit". His personal blog was built again on 2015. He is concerning about travel history. Temple and the back story about a place is the most object for his article. In 2018, he decided to publish a travel history book that tells about many kinds of temple in Java.

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